Hydraguard Mop Pro® G

SBS Granulated Cap Sheet


Mop Pro G is an SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified bitumen roofing membrane reinforced with a polyester reinforcement that provides flexibility and dimensional stability as well as tear and puncture resistance. The proprietary SBS compound offers superb waterproofing and weathering physical properties. Mop Pro G is designed for use as cap sheet in multilayer low-slope assemblies. The membrane has a granular top surface in three color options and a sand bottom surface for hot asphalt or cold adhesive application methods.

Typical Applications

  • Cap sheet for multi-ply systems.
  • New roofing, re-roofing and re-cover roofing and flashing details.
  • Designed for hot asphalt, cold process or heat-welded installation methods.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality SBS compound for exceptional long-term weathering performance.
  • Polyester reinforcement provides excellent puncture and tear resistance.
  • Flexibility and dimensional stability.

Technical Description

Test MethodPropertyASTM Value
ASTM D5147Peak Load @ 23±2°C (73.4±3.6°F), MD and XMD, min, kN/m (lbf/in.)8.8 (50)
ASTM D5147Elongation @ 23±2°C (73.4±3.6°F), MD and XMD, min (%) 35
ASTM D5147Tear Strength @ 23±2°C (73.4±3.6°F), min, N (lbf)246 (55)
ASTM D5147Low Temperature Flexibility, max, °C (°F)-18 (0)
ASTM D5147Granule Embedment, max, g2

Application Instructions

Mop Pro G is intended to be used as the primary weathering surface in new or re-roof applications. Mop Pro G is to be applied as the uppermost layer of a multi-ply roof system applied over a compatible Hydraguard base or interply membrane. Mop Pro G may be applied directly to certain noncombustible substrates.

  • Apply over clean, dry, dust and debris-free substrates. When fully bonding, prime concrete decks and required substrates, prior to application with PG 100 Fast-Drying Asphalt Primer or alternative ASTM D41 primers as approved by Polyglass.
  • When re-roofing, remove all prior roofing materials down to a clean debris-free substrate and properly close-off all abandoned roof penetrations.
  • Concrete or steel decks shall be designed with proper expansion devices.
  • Wood decks shall have all joints blocked and properly supported.
  • Ensure the fire rating of the assembly over any combustible substrate.
  • Ensure the installation of Mop Pro G does not prevent the ventilation of existing construction.
  • Do not apply over shingles or any granulated surface.
  • While installing Mop Pro G:
  1. Start at the low point of the roof.
  2. Unroll the material and allow to relax then re-roll the membrane once relaxed.
  3. Install in a solid mopping of Type III or Type IV asphalt, PG 350 Mod Bit Adhesive.
  4. Position successive rolls providing a minimum 6″ end lap and 3″ side lap.
  5. Matching loose granules may be sprinkled onto the bleed out.
  • Details and flashing may be installed using hot asphalt or cold application techniques. Check project details for proper installation requirements.
  • For detailed drawings and recommended installation procedures of typical roof segments, such as drip edge and T-joint conditions, please refer to our website at, www.polyglass.us