Hydraguard Torch Pro Smooth

APP Smooth Membrane


Torch Pro S is a smooth surfaced Atactic Polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen roofing membrane specially designed for heat welded applications. Constructed with APP resins, and incorporating a tough polyester reinforcement, Torch Pro S is a durable roof product that is easy to install and provides long-term weathering performance. Torch Pro S membrane can also used as flashing membrane in all applicable specifications, in accordance with recommended installation practices. Torch Pro S has a smooth film surface and polyolefin backing and has good elongation properties, puncture resistance and flexibility.


  • Heat-welded application
  • Applied directly over an acceptable substrate or as part of a multi-ply system
  • New roofing, re-roofing, re-cover and flashing details

Features and Benefits

  • Proprietary APP formulation for ease of application and excellent weatherability
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility and elongation properties

Technical Description

Test MethodPropertyASTM Value
ASTM D5147Peak Load @ 23+/-2°C (73.4+/-3.6°F), MD and XMD, min, kN/m (lbf/in.)8.8 (50)
ASTM D5147 Elongation @ 23+/-2ºC (73.4+/-3.6ºF), MD and XMD, min (%)23
ASTM D5147Tear Strength @ 23+/-2ºC (73.4+/-3.6ºF), min, N (lbf)311 (70)
ASTM E96Low Temperature Flexibility, max, ºC (°F)0 (32)

Application Instructions

Torch Pro S is intended to be used as a base or interply membrane in new or re-roof applications. Torch Pro S may be applied directly to non-combustible substrates. Torch Pro S requires the installation of a compatible granulated cap sheet or other approved surfacing to complete the roofing system. Always comply with applicable building code requirements.

  • Apply over clean, dry, dust and debris-free substrates. Prime concrete decks prior to application with an asphalt primer.
  • When re-roofing, remove all prior roofing materials down to a clean debris-free substrate and properly close-off all abandoned roof penetrations.
  • Concrete or steel decks shall be designed with proper expansion devices.
  • Wood decks shall have all joints blocked or properly supported and covered with appropriate base membrane.
  • Ensure the fire rating of the assembly over any substrate.
  • Ensure the installation of Torch Pro S does not prevent the ventilation of existing construction.
  • Do not apply over shingles or any granulated surface.
  • While installing Torch Pro S:
  1. Start at the low point of the roof.
  2. Unroll the material and allow to relax.
  3. Install with traditional torch roofing techniques ensuring proper heating of the roofing material as not to expose the reinforcement.
  4. Do not heat the substrate.
  5. Position successive rolls providing a minimum 6″ end lap and 3″ side lap. Asphalt bleed out shall be 1⁄4″ to 3⁄8″ on all seams.
  6. 6. Laps shall be rolled with a 6″-wide roller immediately after heat welding.
  • Details and flashing may be installed using Torch Pro S with torch applied techniques. Do not use cold adhesives or hot asphalt. Check project details for proper installation requirements.
  • Use of open flame devices can cause an increased fire risk. Always have appropriate fire suppression devices handy when working with open flame. Always follow local building codes. Polyglass recommends a 2 hour fire watch when using open flame.