Gutter Tape


Hydraguard Gutter Tape is a premium self-adhered roofing product manufactured with a proprietary adhesive compound technology. This roofing product features a smooth, highly reflective surface and an aggressive self-adhesive bottom layer with a release film.

The surface of Hydraguard Gutter Tape is aluminum with a bright white acrylic elastomeric.


  • Repair material for gutters
  • Flashing repair material for various roof materials and conditions

Feature and Benefits

  • Highly reflective, smooth, UV resistant surface
  • Durable surface film can be resurfaced with various roof coatings
  • Aggressive self-adhesive compound for easy and safe application

Application Instructions

Hydraguard Gutter Tape is intended to be used as a material for gutters, joints orrepair to most roof membranes. Hydraguard Gutter Tape may be applied directlyto various clean substrates. Do not apply to surfaces if you intend to remove the product.

  • Apply only when the weather and forecast is dry and the ambient air temperature is 40°F (5°C) and rising.
  • Apply over clean, dry, dust and debris-free substrates.
  • Ensure the installation of Gutter Tape does not prevent the ventilation of existing construction.
  • Seal may be less effective to shingles or other granulated surfaces.
  • While installing Gutter Tape:
    1. Start at the low point of the roof.
    2. Start by removing the of release film.
    3. Press the membrane into place with firm and even pressure. Roll the with a silicone hand roller to ensure complete adhesion.

Product Documentation