Hydraguard Ice & Water Pro

Self-Adhered Waterproofing Underlayment


Ice & Water Pro is a rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound, fiberglass reinforced, with a skid resistant mineral surface for use in ice and water protection applications. The rubberized asphalt seals around correctly installed nails on the weathering surface. Split release backing film makes for easy positioning and maintaining proper lines.

Ice & Water Pro underlayments are manufactured with an aggressive self-adhesive compound on the bottom surface.

Typical Applications

  • Specially designed for multiple steep slope applications
  • Designed as effective reinforcement for perimeter and flashing details
  • Added protection against areas prone to wind driven rain and ice damming

Features and Benefits

  • Rubberized asphalt seals around nails
  • Proprietary asphalt compound and fiberglass mat for exceptional dimensional stability
  • Surface engineered for superior slip resistance and long-term performance
  • Aggressive self-adhesive compound for ease of application

Application Instructions

  • Apply Ice & Water Pro directly to the roof deck.
  • Do not apply to shingles or other roof coverings.
  • Apply only when the weather is dry and material interface temperatures (air, roof deck, membrane) are 40°F and rising.
  • Always start at the lowest point of the roof deck where possible.
  • Cut the Ice & Water Pro to a suitable, workable length (typically between 9 and 15 feet).
  • Polyglass recommends cutting and repairing any shmouths that may occur during installation, as shmouths may protrude and raise the nished roo ng system (i.e. shingles, etc).
  • Lay the material at in place, starting at the lowest point.
  • Overlap seams 3" minimum and endlaps 5" minimum.
  • Peel half of the backing off the roll and apply rm, even pressure from the center to the outer edges.
  • Remove the backing from the remaining half of the roll and apply pressure. Ice & Water Pro self-adhering underlayment is a pressure sensitive membrane that requires full adhesion to the substrate. Rolling or brooming of the underlayment is an acceptable method of assistance for such bonding.
  • Always ensure that Ice & Water Pro is applied over the area to cover the highest point of “ice damming”.
  • Be sure to follow all local building code recommendations and requirements with regards to the width of ice dam materials.
  • If full roof coverage application is desired, proper venting of the structure is recommended. Consult a design professional for proper venting requirements. Applications involving non-ventilated attics or sheathing with radiant barriers, an anchor sheet is recommended to allow venting and prevent the creation of a double vapor barrier condition.
  • In steep slope applications (i.e. 2:12 slope or higher) where backnailing will be required, be sure that all nails are covered by the overlapping next sheet.
  • Manufacturer recommends applying covering within 30 days unless otherwise limited by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

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